Fairfield and Woods is Moving on Up! – Same Building, Better Views.

Press Release
For Immediate Release
December 7, 2022

Kourtney Goebel
Marketing Director

DENVER (December 7, 2022) - Fairfield and Woods, one of the oldest law firms in Denver, announced today that it will move its office from the 26th floor of the Transamerica Building (1801 California) to the 49th floor of the same building.
The firm will be downsizing from its current footprint to a 22,000 sq. ft. space to efficiently accommodate its hybrid workforce. The space will be a complete rebuild, focused on shared and collaborative workspaces; innovative technology; modern event and gathering spaces; and health, safety, and wellness features.
Fairfield and Woods was represented by CBRE’s Ryan Link, Senior Vice President, and Rob Link, Executive Vice President, both members of CBRE’s global Law Firm Practice Group. “The firm did an amazing job of being nimble and working through a number of changes, both pre and post-pandemic. We worked closely with them on numerous studies surrounding workplace changes and what their people wanted. We thoroughly analyzed a number of options in the marketplace over the course of the last year, including new construction. In the end, the firm benefited from a number of moving parts both in their existing building and the marketplace, allowing them the opportunity to move within 1801 California and build out brand new space for the next generation of Fairfield and Woods,” said Ryan.
FW Managing Partner Bruce Fowler commented, “We are in a fortunate position to have had the last few years to evaluate our future office needs in this new work environment. We have called 1801 home for almost 10 years, and we look forward to a modern office space, while maintaining the many amenities the building offers us. The building has made great strides in renovations and updates to bring people back together and enhance community wellness, and we plan to expand upon that in our own new space.” 
The firm anticipates moving by the Summer of 2024 which will also mark the firm’s 90th Anniversary.